by Chodus

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released April 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Chodus Claremont, New Hampshire


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Track Name: Decorum
all my pants got ripped or stolen
and the ashtray's overflowing
from trash, i dont smoke
im at a straight edge show in the bathroom on coke
i never act like this
an immature stature provoking laughter through bashing
she's being indecorous and it's beautiful
but im too nervous, to tell her so

close your eyes
take a breath
stop breaking your own things
for a while
contemplate death
try again
from the beginning

and the curtains run red and illuminate the rooms
the trees are all dead so i sleep in my caccoon
the cold is so brisk and lugubrious
its kept the inside cool, all after noon


dont close your eyes and not wake up
Track Name: Chiasmus
ya know
ive got a lot of things to say, and i think they're all very important
but maybe that much
wasn't really important to say

your words dont matter
youre going backwards
quit your job
you dont need no more
looking forward
yelling louder
moving forward

say hello to the past because its stompin at your heels
sometimes its impossible, to feel the way other people feel
take a look around and say everythings changed
but ya know yer still here, ya hate yourself, and youre in this place


looking up but feeling down
the stars are shooting and falling
im here on the cool ground
other than sounds i feel nothing

Track Name: Flowers
id cut my arm off and hand it to ya if ya needed it
i pulled my heart out and gave it to ya for last christmas
you gave them flowers, hopefully those kids will learn to give a shit
not very common you're gifted flowers from an african princess

flowers hurt, then they die
pills dont work they make you cry
flowers heart, and fade away
the pills didnt work they just made me feel strange

verse 2
optimism is such a drag, pessimism will just drag ya down
you can plan yer things out, but im gonna sit around
its better to try and to fail then to never of tried at all
better to die a hero then to watch yourself fall
verse 2 repeated
Track Name: Huff
huff a little bleach, puke up what you eat
dont get sidetracked, just listen to me
steal from the store, beg for more
play it backwards, satan scores

flesroy lik
Track Name: Pseudo-Optimism
i dont wanna make someone feel sad
oh why oh why would i wanna make someone feel like that
i dont wanna remind you of someone who's gone
cause im not the one who is supposed to haunt

cut the trees down
let the sun in
wake up now
its early morning
those sounds
guns are distant
this town
they all be hunting

chasing beautiful girls
thinking beautiful thoughts
on our beautiful world

i dont wanna be another mannequin of the establishment
whats the point of working and getting paid nothing
spotlights strung up on guitar strings
teenagers in a room strung out on many things

this ground
full of garbage
our breath
melted plastic
expect nothing
'round you
cause it's coming

Track Name: Swamptub
try to make it better it just gets worse
try to help and end up hurt
ive said im sorry, ive said it before
im going to sleep now and locking the door
tv dinner, 2 nyquil
night alone spent being ill
find some other to distract me
cattleprod me to the factory

i eat the worms
that i can catch

bring me up, to beat me down
shove me under and watch me drown
the frost is here, ya cant contain it
all the days slowly turn to horseshit
i cant breath, so i wake up
then i inhale, the rest of my stuff
woken up from a wet dream
i so mad, i want to scream